Jennifer Arnott, Communications Professional

Jennifer Arnott, Accredited Business Communicator

Jennifer Arnott, ABC

When I’m not gardening I work as a strategic communications professional; I provide communications advice and support to organizations, helping them to communicate effectively with current and potential customers, as well as employees and other stakeholders.

In this field of work, I most enjoy proactive media relations (coming up with a great story and selling it to the media), social media community management (helping companies use social media to build an online community), and the foundation of all good communications work–providing strategic communications advice (using communications to solve problems and improve key performance indicators). Of course, I also do a lot of writing, issues management, event planning and desktop publishing. At the companies where I’ve worked I’m known as a quick study, a trusted advisor to senior leaders, and a relationship builder. The industries I specialize in are seniors care, horticulture, not-for-profits, and logistics/delivery.

I am proud to hold the designation of Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) from the International Association of Business Communicators—it’s considered the gold standard in communications excellence. There are approximately 1,200 active ABCs around the globe. My formal education in communications consists of a M.A. in Communication Studies and a BA in Economics and Communication Studies, both from the University of Windsor.

Communications and gardening are similar in some ways. I resonate with this quote:

Communicators as gardeners