Quick vegetable garden update – August 2015

big tomato

Today marks the first time I’ve ever harvested a tomato that weighed more than kilogram! This beautifully ugly specimen came in at 1032 grams (2.27 lbs)! I haven’t sliced into it yet, but I’ve had others off of that plant and they were quite tasty. The one I tried yesterday weighed about 700 grams. Normally,…

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Why I was afraid to start canning

peaches and jars of peach jam

I’ve been afraid to start canning. Not scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but concerned that I wouldn’t be able to stop. Both my mother and father’s family canned every year, and my mother has lined her fruit-cellar shelves with jars and jars of fruit jam for as long as I’ve been…

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Cement leaf casting in Kingston

Last Saturday I spent the day playing with cement and plants in Kingston, Ontario. I was a student in a day long workshop at Leaf Relief, a studio run by artist Deb Stagg, out of her home. I’ve seen many tutorials on making cement stepping stones, using leaves as molds, and even took a shot…

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Rain as a gift

Apple with raindrops

“The gardener looks on the rain as a gift. The gardener does not depend on the rain.” These were the words of my gardening mentor tonight. He paid a visit to my garden yesterday, to check on my newly planted apple tree and noticed the dry, dry ground. I, the more novice gardener, had looked…

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Visiting Butchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C. in “Winter”

Sunken garden at the Butchart Gardens

I seem to be making a habit of visiting famous gardens in what most people would term “the off season”. Last week I had the good fortune to travel to Victoria, B.C. for my work, so seized the opportunity to add on a day to visit the Butchart Gardens. From the time I booked, I…

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