One thing leads to another


It all started out simply enough. I decided to plant two kinds of pole beans this year instead of one. “Where are you going to plant them?” my father asked. Well, they’ll go right in this spot, oh, except no, they can’t go there because they’ll shade the zucchini. Well, then maybe over…well, hmm, good question Dad.
I thought on it for a few weeks and then decided that a small space, previously unused because it had a large tree stump on it could work, if I just created a bit of a raised bed. Well, maybe raised quite a bit, like two feet.  Hmm.
A flash of inspiration, a trip to the Habitat Restore for a $5 wooden door, two trips to the city compost depot, one old garbage can, two old recyling bins, and most of a day of grunting and groaning and…I finally have a place to plant my second kind of pole beans! Along with enough room for quite a few other plants (probably edible).  It kind of looks like something you’d stumble on in a back alley behind a convenience store, but it’s largely hidden from the neighbours and I don’t think the raccoons will mind.
But boy, I have to admit that was a lot of work for a place to plant some beans!
The back (by the door that’s on it’s side) is the future site of my ‘Rattlesnake’ and ‘Purple’ pole beans. Tomatoes, cucumbers, ground cherries, herbs, and maybe potatoes will fill in some of the other spaces. There’s already a rose bush on the right.

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