Vegetable variety

As the days and nights are cooling down, my vegetable garden is slowing down, at least in the tomato department. There are lots of green ones, so I’m hoping for another month of tomato-friendly weather!

Earlier in September, the horticultural society I belong to held our fall flower show. My entry, pictured at left, won in the vegetable category. It includes zucchini (the climbing ‘Trombetta’ and a yellow variety), eggplant, pole beans (rattlesnake and purple), ground cherries, garlic, arugula and tomatoes (‘mortgage lifter’ and ‘bloody butcher’.) I was quite pleased to be able to come up with this kind of selection out of a rather tiny space.  Of course I’m already planning to make it even more productive next year…

I was also delighted to win ‘best flower’ for a spray of miniature roses.

I didn’t do much in the design categories this time around, mostly due to lack of time. The entry I was happiest with was this arrangement of ‘Limelight’ hydrangeas in a bright blue watering can. It just looked happy to me!



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