Fall Roses and Horse Manure

There is one last rose still blooming in the front yard. Any surprise that it’s the English Rose “Summer Song”? I saw it on my way in the front door after work. It called me over to take one last sniff I think. I can’t describe how vibrantly it glowed against everything else that’s browning and falling. Unfortunately, with our shorter days, there wasn’t enough light for a decent photo by the time I reached my camera. Kind of fitting though—the rest of the garden flowers are quickly turning into memories only as well.
The photo I do have to share with you is really the opposite of the rose. Although I suppose it does lead to roses.
You see, I’ve been on a hunt for horse manure for the garden. In Toronto, this is a little challenging to find. But a resourceful older gardening friend told me where to find it. Two tries later (we drove right past it the first time) I had two (sealed) containers full in the back of the car.

Since it took some effort to find, I’ll share the location with you (if you’re reading this blog I’m going to guess you’re the kind of gardener who might be interested in this sort of thing). It’s on Jane Street, north of Highway 7, on the east side of the street, past the little cemetery, and past the Wal-mart (which is on the west side of Jane.)   

You’ll be looking for a sign like this:

If you hadn’t seen the photo I bet you’d have driven past it too. Note that this is a “shovel it yourself” operation if you’re looking for small quantities. If you want it by the cubic yard they’ll deliver. For a small home garden bring your own containers. Pricing is by the bushel–I brought along a green garbage can (with a lid!) that they priced as two bushels. They may be set up for credit cards for larger quantities, but bring cash if you only want a few bushels. There were several mountains of horse manure, in various states of composting. What I bought (from the oldest pile) was quite well composted with very little odour.

I’ll let you know next year, whether it was worth the drive (hopefully after I fight my way past the giant tomatoes…)

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