March 2012 in the Garden

Lots is happening in the garden right now! In a “normal” spring, this would all be taking place in April, but…well, there’s not a lot that can be done about things being “early,” so might as well enjoy it…

At left is a showy white hellebore. I’m not sure what chewed on the petals, but something thought they were tasty while still in bud stage, as they opened with the holes already in place. Oh well, the overall effect of seeing these lovely white flowers against all the composting leaves is still lovely, in my opinion.

In the front yard is another hellebore, but this one is deep purple.  The effect from a distance isn’t quite as dramatic, but up close, it’s certainly something to look at!

The crocuses, of course, have been putting on a fantastic show. Their bloom time is short lived but they do make the most of it!

One of my pollinator friends decided to take a closer look…

Unfortunately, bees aren’t the only creatures stirring already. I strongly suspect it was a squirrel that decided to “rearrange” the tulip bulbs I had been “forcing” in a pot (The forcing was a bit of a flop. Due to the early warm-up the tulips in the ground are actually farther ahead than the ones in the pot!) Mr. Squirrel definitely does not have an eye for floral design, is all I have to say about his arrangement!

These guys are on the crawl, remarkably plump for so early in the season…

And yes, I did squish him after I took his picture (sorry to the squeamish, but this was the first of many, many that will meet the same fate over the summer. If anyone wants free escargots, please give me a shout–all you can pick, free!)

The Itoh peony is by far the most advanced in growth in the garden so far. It is in quite a sheltered spot and it is traditionally an early bloomer (May 24th most years.)

A few of the species tulips are starting to show colour. Again, these ones are in a protected area. The more exposed ones in the front yard don’t have any colour yet. You can see a nice little field of bluebells emerging. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to see their blue blooms next to the dark pink tulips.

It’s not only the flower garden that’s showing signs of life; there’s action in the vegetable patch as well. The garlic I planted in the fall has pushed up about 3″ through the straw mulch.

Of course, what says SPRING to me like nothing else (even if I could be seen shaking my head this year, imploring this plant to wait, as it’s only March, and you’re risking freezing your blooms off)…is the magnolia (Magnolia x loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’)

Spring is here…for now, at least!


  1. Eugene Knapik on March 21, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    fantastic! Your garden is well ahead of ours. We have some crocus action but no tulips showing colour yet.

  2. Jennifer Arnott on March 21, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    Surprising–I would have thought that being near the lake you would be ahead of me.

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