Weird and Wonderful Wasps

wasp swarm 2013These wasps (or hornets or yellow-jackets–I confess I don’t know the difference) have been on top of this post for the last couple weeks. They don’t move much, just crawl over each other a bit, and they stay packed at the top of the post.

I can only assume that when I hammered the post into the ground (as a support for a young tree) it opened up the veins on the wood, and these wasps have been feasting on the sap. Day in and day out. Since I first noticed them a couple weeks ago, I have not seen the post vacant.


I’ve been noticing the lump of wasps but was reluctant to get too close. Today, I finally worked up my courage and cranked up the zoom on my camera… I probably didn’t have much too worry about, as they seem far more interested in the sap than me!

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