Apple with raindrops

Rain as a gift

apple with raindrops on it“The gardener looks on the rain as a gift. The gardener does not depend on the rain.” These were the words of my gardening mentor tonight.

He paid a visit to my garden yesterday, to check on my newly planted apple tree and noticed the dry, dry ground. I, the more novice gardener, had looked at the forecast of heavy downpours for today, and figured I would wait it out. Why lug several watering cans out of the rain barrel (as I know enough to water thoroughly when I do water–a dribble is worse than nothing) when the skies were sure to open up?

He paid a visit tonight and delivered the words with which I began this post.

He has more years of gardening experience than I have years on the planet. He has learned not to leave the health of my plants to the weather forecast.

I lucked out this time (we had buckets and barrels of rain today), but would my tree have been better off if I watered it yesterday morning when it was drying out?

I have many excuses as to why I didn’t water. Some of them are good. But of course, the answer to the question is yes.

The gardender looks on the rain as a

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