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Christmas Cookies of 2014

  I enjoy baking, so for me it just wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t have the opportunity to bake up a storm. Following in my mother’s footsteps, I always make an assortment of different cookies. Unlike her, I like to try out a new recipe or two every year. Sometimes they’re so good they…

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Last bouquet of the season

Dahlias and marigolds

Frost is predicted in our area tonight. Judging by how cold my fingers were when I went to pick this last bouquet of dahlias and marigolds, I think the forecasters have it right.                                   I think the snail that…

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Buffalo’s Amazing Garden Tour – 2014

“Buffalo!? Is, ah, Buffalo a place with good gardens?” several perplexed people enquired when I mentioned my plans to take in Garden Walk Buffalo during the last weekend of July.  My, answer? An enthusiastic “oh yes!” For twenty years the fine gardeners of Buffalo have been opening up their gardens for Garden Walk Buffalo (for…

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Garden snapshot – July 6, 2014

I took my camera for a walk in the front garden this morning and then in the back garden in early evening–click to see what’s growing today! Click on the image once to open the gallery, and then click on the first image again to start a slide show (use the arrow keys on your…

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It’s time

On a bright but still cold day in March, I gathered together my supplies and sat down to perform one of the happiest tasks of the gardening year…                   …counting backwards from the first frost-free date, checking the timing on the back of my seed packets, and…

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